Low Back Pain Treatments

Tired of low back pain getting in the way of life? Dr. Benjamin Erese at Erese Chiropractic Center in Salisbury, NC, offers customized care and effective, natural techniques to bring you relief.

Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain
Pain in the lower back is a common issue, but it’s also one that varies a lot. For some, it means dealing with a dull ache, throb, or even a burning sensation. For others, it can be so intense that rolling over in bed is an impossible feat. No matter whether your low back pain fits into one of the categories or someone in the middle – and whether it’s new or has been around for a while – a chiropractor can help. Learn how in the guide below from Dr. Erese and the team at Erese Chiropractic Center in Salisbury, NC.

Where Does Lower Back Pain Come From?

When you’re writhing in pain, one of the main questions that is likely to cross your mind is, “What on Earth did I do to my back?” Though it would be wonderful to get a clear answer, the truth is that the cause can be as unique as the individual.

In many cases, lower back pain is due to overuse of the muscles, misalignment, a herniated disc, or nerve compression. And these issues can occur due to anything from poor posture and repetitive heavy lifting to a fall or auto accident.

In some cases, though, it’s due to conditions like arthritis or degenerative disc disease. Visiting a chiropractor can help determine where the pain is coming from and how to best relieve it.

How Do Chiropractors Treat Lower Back Pain?

The goal of chiropractic care is to address and eliminate the root cause of pain so that the body can heal. Accomplishing this means building the treatment plan around the individual needs of each patient.

Adjustments are one of the top treatment techniques utilized in chiropractic care as they effectively restore alignment to the spinal column. Proper alignment removes unnecessary pressure on the discs, nerves, muscles, and other soft tissues. There are various types of adjustments available, including by hand, instrument, and with the assistance of a drop table.

In addition to adjustments, techniques such as therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation therapy, decompression therapy, therapeutic exercises, and more may be added to your personalized treatment plan.

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